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07 May 2009 @ 05:12 pm
Koyama's Popolo 06/09 interview with questions about love~

×- Not true, ○- True, △- Undefined

“I like spoiling and being spoilt ♥ ”

Rumor 1: You’re the type to fall in love at first sight
○- I think I’m definitely the type to fall in love at first sight! I fall in love right away (laugh) But, when I’ve tried talking about it, there have been times when I’ve thought “no, that’s not true” as well.

Rumor 2: You would put together a date plan
○- I think I would have something planned. I want to have a date at a shopping mall with us going into a lot of different shops. I want us to buy things for each other!

Rumor 3: If you were to have a double date, the other person would be Kato.
○- Definitely! I’d want the 4 of us to go on a 2 night trip to Okinawa! Even though we went there for a double date, there’s a possibility that I would also go and hang out with Shige (laugh)

Rumor 4: You’d want the girl you like to call you by your last name only.
×- There’s no one but my family that calls me “Keiichiro” because that’s how I’m known by my family. But if she’s going to call me by something, then “Kei-chan” would still be good.

Rumor 5: If you and your girlfriend have a fight, you would be the one to apologize
△- Firstly, we’d probably talk about it. After that, if we could both apologize to each other I think we’d both be happy. Something like “Ok, lets say ‘ready, go~’ and we both apologize” would be good.

Wait a minute! Kato’s verification!
“He’d apologize. He’d probably say something like “I was wrong but you were wrong too”!

Rumor 6: When it becomes summer, you feel like you want to fall in love
○- When its summer, isn’t everyone like that? My feelings become liberated. And then, summer is, somehow really. . .erotic? Summer is erotic (laugh)!

Rumor 7: You’d like being spoilt by a girl.
○- For example, when we’re in my room watching a movie together and then I slowly fall asleep while leaning on her. But I’d also like being the one to spoil her.

Rumor 8: You’d be positive towards the girl you like
△- You see, inside me I have a strong Koyama and a weak Koyama (laugh) When I’m strong, I’ll be positive but when I don’t know how the other person’s feeling, I’ll be weak.

Rumor 9: You’re the type to be very devoted in love
△- Because I can’t really send text messages. I think there would be times when I’d think “Even though my girlfriend would want me to send her a text for this sort of thing” and not send one.

Rumor 10: You like selfish girls
○- I think I might like them! For example, if she came home from an overseas trip and she said to me “Come and pick me up at the airport”, I like those sorts of things (laugh)

Wait a minute! Yamashita’s verification!
“I feel like Koyama suits saying “yep yep” to any selfish request because he’s kind”

translation credit: hellomichi