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01 June 2009 @ 10:44 pm

Koyama is given some questions with multiple choice answers and the answer he choses tells him something about himself. He also has to match up the other members with 5 fruits and this tells him what each member is to him :D It's pretty interesting and you can try to answer the questions too! :D

Q. Please answer as to which NEWS member has the image of the following fruits

*note: Things written in 「」 is what Koyama says

Cherry --> Tegoshi
Grapefruit --> Ryo-chan
Apple --> Yamapi
Peach --> Massu
Banana --> Shige

The image is Tegoshi = the person you want to protect!?
This test is to understand what sort of existence the people around you have to you. Firstly, the cherry is the person you want to protect 「Isn’t that a good match」 Grapefruit is the person that you think of as a rival 「Is that so (laugh) Eh~」 Apple is the person that makes you feel relieved when you’re together 「(While nodding) yep yep yep」 The peach is the type of person you see as a mother 「Ahaha」 Banana is the person you see as a father 「Fuhaha. I don’t really know which ones are correct and which aren’t, but it seems like there’s a good balance. Massu being the ‘mother’ sort of fits doesn’t it? It’s only because of his atmosphere though (laugh) Tegoshi’s one was right and I think Shige suits being the banana!」

Q. You go to eat fast food with your friend. What do you order?
a) The recommended set menu
b) You order everything in single items
c) The same thing as always
d) The same thing as your friend

What you understand in this test, is the bad parts about yourself. A means you’re someone who thinks that everything in this world has pros and cons. B means that you have a wide ability to recognize people’s sensitivities. C is that you always do the same thing and can’t challenge yourself. D is that you value your friends too much and you rely on relationships with people. Koyama answered C. 「I want to challenge doing new thing but it’s probably that I’m a bit scared to go to any new circumstances. And then, I ask for motivation and then go on a trip and I guess that I’m hoping that this starts to change me. Coincidentally, the thing that I often order are teriyaki type thing ♥」

Q. If you were to put something in a fish bowl in your room, what would you put in it?
a) Food (for the fish)
b) Water plants
c) Ornaments
d) Another fish

In this you find out the reason why your love never ripens. A is that you often selfishly don’t listen to your partner talking so you’re making a fruitless effort. B is that you’re too scared of getting hurt. C is that you’re too prideful and you feel like you’ve lost just by thinking “I like you”. And D is that you’re someone lonely who can’t be honest with people. Koyama answered C. 「This is a little wrong I think. . .I’m really easy to understand, and if I like someone this beam of light comes out of me so I think the girl would know it too. But, doing that and then making my partner feel too at ease, that doesn’t happen often. I’m the type who can’t do any sort of love tactics.」

Q. You’re on a break and you get thirsty, what do you drink?
a) Iced coffee
b) Orange juice
c) Cola
d) Oolong tea

What you understand in this test is what your weak points are. A is that you really hate being talked to about past hardships. B is that if you’re told that you have a look of complexity on your face or in your figure, your pride will be hurt. C is that you get annoyed when told that you lead an irresponsible life. D is that you hate when people badmouth friends that you see as family. Koyama answered C. 「I don’t like people repetitively preaching to me. But even if I called “irresponsible” I wouldn’t get irritated by it. Because I’m actually really irresponsible (laugh) 」

Q. you’ve found a really cute notebook!! What color notebook is it?
a) Red
b) Blue
c) Yellow
d) White

The thing that you understand with this test is your ideal romance. People that chose A want a damsel who wants to be dyed the colors of their partner. B is that you want a partner who is devoted to you like a servant. C is that if I’m enjoying myself, it’s ok to have 2 or even 3 partners. D is if you have 1 person in your life you’ll be satisfied ♥ Koyama answered A. 「Yes, I want her to be dyed (my colors)! (laugh) I’d love if she would spontaneously say “come and pick me up!” or thing like that. I also love being devoted and if I’m not being devoted I don’t feel like I’m trying my best in love. I like when I’m trying my best in love.」

Q. When you arrive home, your friend came over to play. Your family seemed to like that friend and they ended up talking excitedly. At that time, what would you do?
a) You’ll join in too and you’ll all talk with each other for a while
b) You’ll take your friend to your room right away

What you understand with this test is your relationship with your friends. A is that you have a lot of friend but aren’t very close. B is that you have few friends but are close. Koyama’s answer is A. 「I think it’s got it right! I don’t really have many friends that I’m close too. I don’t mean that I think that my relationship with my other friends is shallow but if you see it from close by it might seem shallow. The borderline between my friends and my best friends is whether or not we show our bad points to each other. If I can show them these parts I become relieved and it makes me want to see them again. Also, I don’t really like people who show their faintheartedness but I even have friends who I would say do that. I have about 3 people who I could call my best friends. One of those people is Shige. Having my best friend do the same job as me and be in the same group as me is rare isn’t it. 」

Q. You go to Karaoke with your friend. The first thing you check when you enter the room is?
a) The music selection
b) The room
c) The drink and food menu

What you understand in this test is the point of a girl that makes you like her. A is the amount of friends she has, B is looks and C is whether or not your personalities match. Koyama’s answer is B. 「ahahaha! That’s how it is. That’s right, I’ll look at her looks first (laugh) After that, I’d see if her personality matches with mine. Coincidentally, the part of her looks that is important is her eyes! Something like whether or not my heart starts beating when I look at them.」

Q. The festival stands are put out. Which do you go to?
a) Goldfish scooping
b) Apple candy
c) Yakisoba
d) Takoyaki

What you understand in this test is trouble in love!! A is that you have too many opinions so it seems like you’ll fight everyday if you date. B is that your plans with your friends and the person you like always overlap so you worry. C is that you always seem to fall in love with people older than you so there’s strong opposition from people around you. D is that you get attracted to people with a dangerous charm and it seems like you’ll get taken advantage of! Koyama’s answer was D because “he felt like eating it just now”. 「I probably am attracted to people who have a dangerous charm. So, I’ll be devoted and then taken advantage of. . .so, am I going to have a bad romance!?」

credits: translation by hellomichi
ivonnemcgruder on June 2nd, 2009 06:54 am (UTC)
Thank you for this :)

This was first mag translation I´ve ever read (I banned myslef from reading those because even without hunting mag translations I am spending aweful amount of my time on onlining XD) so if I got addicted just now I blame you guys XD

*is off to sub Kei-chan NEWS*


Kei->TEGO<-Ryo was funny XD How much this match once more??? 125%? XD